Fundamentals of Bridge Design-Concept of design and modeling FREE COURSES

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Fundamentals of Bridge Design-Concept of design and modeling

Learn design concept of different types of bridges from one source. We’ll focus on getting the basics right.

Fundamentals of Bridge Design-Concept of design and modeling includes


What you’ll learn:

  • Your shortest way to learn the fundamentals of bridge design.
  • Understand the different types of bridges
  • Understand how the loads are transferring to the bridge elements
  • Understand the main loads affecting on the bridge
  • Explore the different load cases for the live load
  • working examples on the softwares for bridge design


  • Design concept for bridge design from A to Z by the international codes.
  • Be able to understand the main basics of loads and stresses.


Course Description:

  • Fundamentals of Bridge Design : Your way to be bridge designer
  • This course covers fundamental concepts and methods in bridge design. Starting with the very basics, we consider definition of the bridge, different types and what is the statically system of each type of bridges. We then move on to look at bridge components ; what are they and how the loads transfer through them? We’ll cover the different types of design codes and the different types of loads in detail. Worked examples are used extensively to demonstrate the practical application of theory.
  • Based on my experience lecturing to engineering undergraduates, the course focuses on those areas students find particularly tricky when starting out. The link between theory and practice is reinforced using my experience as a infrastructure design engineer. The course includes video lectures which combine screen cast voice over with traditional style lectures.
  • The emphasis is on worked examples with students encouraged to try questions before the detailed solution is presented. The teaching philosophy is ‘learn by doing!’.
  • This course is suitable for engineering students who find their bridges lectures confusing and feel a little lost when it comes to bridge design. The course also give the hand for the graduated engineers to build their way to be bridge designer. Bridge designer became one of the most required civil engineering jobs in the market. Once you get the chance to understand and apply on real brides you already created a new chance for your career.


Who is the target audience?

  • This course is great for undergraduate engineering students who feel a little lost in their bridge design lectures. We start from scratch, establishing the basics and build from there.
  • Graduated engineers who want to create another chance on their career as bridge designer.
  • If you’re about to start an engineering program, this course is a great way to get a head start.
  • Bridge designers who are doing their design manually want to learn a fast tool to design bridges by computer.

Working examples:

  • Design examples on real bridge design will be updated in order to increase the application and ability to understand.

Who this course is for:

  • Civil engineering students.
    Bridge master students.
    Civil engineers and Bridge designers.


Fundamentals of Bridge Design-Concept of design and modeling content

Fundamentals of Bridge Design-Concept of design and modeling

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Fundamentals of Bridge Design-Concept of design and modeling

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